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Manager, San Francisco

You are constantly learning and developing new skills that will serve you far into the future. It's an amazing investment in yourself. double-quote-close

Why Bain?

I chose Bain because I was attracted to the abundance of options it provides. I felt I wasn't closing any doors by choosing Bain, but was instead opening doors I had never even considered: opportunities to work in other countries, the option to have an externship in an entirely different industry for six months, experiences that would prepare me for top business schools and more. There's no opportunity cost in working at Bain, instead every day enriches your own skill set and preparation for the rest of your career.

My passion

I'm really passionate about making the office a more green work environment. As co-captain of the Bain San Francisco Green Team, I've been able to help implement changes in the office that make it a much healthier and environmentally responsible place to work. By working with Bain partners with similar interests, I've also become involved in an extra-10 green consulting project helping a local organization implement green improvements in schools. Additionally, I hope to leverage Bain's work in the clean energy industry when pursuing an externship next year.

My favorite case

My first case at Bain was a pro-bono case for a non-profit that works to make parents aware of the exposure kids receive from the media. It was a small organization, and I was able to personally present to the president and CEO on multiple occasions. Working so closely with a non-profit and being able to see deeply into a mission-driven organization was an incredible opportunity. Our work was highly valued by them, and they've already taken action on most of our final recommendations.

My personal results story

My favorite "results story" thus far is actually regarding an internal initiative. Within my first few months at Bain San Francisco, I led an initiative to switch the produce in our office from conventional, supermarket-bought fruit to local, organic produce from a small nearby farm. After a bit of research and a compelling argument, I was able to implement the change. Since then, the feedback and appreciation I've received for the delicious, organic fruit has been overwhelming. Sustainable agriculture is something I'm very passionate about, and the fact that I was able to act on my passion and increase overall office happiness is exemplary of the flexibility Bain provides to make your mark within the firm.

A final thought

When you're at Bain you can never really doubt that what you're doing is absolutely valuable to your career-regardless of what direction you plan to head. You are constantly learning and developing new skills that will serve you far into the future. It's an amazing investment in yourself.