MBA or advanced degree

Who should apply to be a consultant?
We look for consultant candidates who recently graduated from top-tier MBA programs to join our team. Ideal candidates are intelligent and possess passion and the leadership skills to drive change across organizations—but also like to have a fun along the way. More about what Bain looks for.

Bain consultants are able to put into practice everything they learned during their graduate studies—from mapping new markets to structuring new business models to improving the performance of a specific operation. Within two or three years, consultants often take leadership roles in projects, making their way to the case team leader (CTL) position.

Candidates with other advanced degrees are considered for all positions. Regardless of your background, you will have the opportunity to expand your view of business by working on strategic issues in many different industries and practices.

If you have any questions about the consulting selective process, send us an email to


Be a consultant for the summer
First-year MBAs or MBAs at one-year programs who would like to experience the real world of consulting, while getting insight into what a future with Bain would be like, should apply for the SA position.

SA recruiting will take place during your second term, with applications typically due in December or January. Check with your university’s career services office for your application deadline, or visit your university’s page on Learn more about the SA role


We hope you will consider joining our team. Please submit your online application on through Please include your GMAT score. In addition to English, fluency in Portuguese or Spanish is required.


Bain’s interview format involves a series of case interviews to help us get to know you better. Since each of the case interviews will entail a discussion of an actual Bain case, you will also gain some insights into what it is like to work at Bain. We encourage you to prepare for your case interviews.

MBA candidates will participate in up to two rounds of interviews, and candidates with advanced degrees will participate in three rounds. Each candidate will participate in a total of four to six 60-minute interviews.

First round
The first round of interviews will consist of two 60-minute case interviews with consultants and managers from the São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro office.

The bulk of these interviews will revolve around the discussion of Bain cases. Your interviewer will present a short business problem and then ask you to structure the problem and recommend a practical solution.

Second round
Those successfully passing the first round will participate in a second round of interviews in our office. You will meet with Bain managers and partners during this final round, which will consist of two 60-minute case interviews.