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  • A plan to conquer the world - Bain São Paulo

    March 06, 2013 | Consumer Products | Exame - Nacional | Media mention

    Businessman Jorge Paulo Lemann is building a machine of multibillion dollar companies and creating an empire formed by some of the most powerful consumer brands on the planet. (Full article only available in Portuguese)

  • Number of passengers could triple - Bain São Paulo

    February 06, 2013 | Airlines and Transportation | Valor Econômico | Media mention

    The airline industry, experiencing growth nearly to two and a half times growth in the Brazilian economy, could eventually reach annual growth rates between 8-9% this decade, estimates André Castellini, partner at Bain & Company.

  • The logic of client relationship management can be applied to employees - Bain São Paulo

    October 29, 2012 | Organization | O Estado de São Paulo | Media mention

    Companies that conduct employee surveys and receive “satisfied”as a response from employees need to improve.

  • What is awaiting luxury after the Chinese cool-down - Bain São Paulo

    October 23, 2012 | Retail | Valor Econômico - Nacional | Media mention

    A study by Bain & Company says that the maturation of the Chinese market brings with it a significant challenge for companies.

  • Forces of good - Bain São Paulo

    October 03, 2012 | Exame Nacional NA | Media mention

    Despite the lack of enthusiasm regarding the future of the global economy, there are still reasons to believe in its growth. Bain & Company has identified 8 trends that should add 27 trillion dollars to the global GDP by 2020. The most impactful factor in this will be the 1.

  • The 25 best companies for career growth - Bain São Paulo

    September 24, 2012 | Exame Online | Media mention

    Facebook enters the rankings at third place among companies that offer the best opportunities for career growth, according to Glassdoor.

  • The year of the scissors - Bain São Paulo

    September 05, 2012 | Performance Improvement | Exame | Media mention

    Facing falling revenues, Brazilian companies create programs to reduce costs, but a survey reveals that rushed cost cuts generally have a short lifespan. (full article only available in Portuguese)

  • Beating scope creep, the scourge of IT projects

    August 21, 2012 | Information Technology | CIO Journal

    Every year, companies invest hundreds of billions of dollars in large IT projects that fail to deliver on their promises. These costly failures remain among the toughest challenges facing CIOs and the businesses they help manage.

  • The next frontier - Bain São Paulo

    August 08, 2012 | Retail | Meio e Mensagem | Media mention

    In a country with close to 60 million mobile devices that have internet access (e.g. 3g cell phones, modems, etc.), Brazilian users of cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices are becoming more sought-after by virtual commerce players, both inside and outside the point of sale.

  • The stars of the stock exchange - Bain São Paulo

    July 25, 2012 | Exame – Nacional | Media mention

    What investors and business owners can learn from the story of the 10 Brazilian companies that provided the highest return to their investors between 2003 and 2011. (full article only available in Portuguese)