Aluminum in Brazil: Major changes in the past 15 years

Alumínio no Brasil: transformações nos últimos 15 anos

Over the last 15 years, few industries have undergone structural changes so powerful as the aluminum industry in Brazil. Take the upstream segment, Brazil was once the world’s sixth largest producer, a major player with an integrated chain from bauxite mining to primary aluminum production. In downstream fabrication, the debate centered on how to boost demand, which for long seemed sluggish.

Fifteen years later, discussions on how to bolster demand con¬tinue, but the focus now is on finding ways to go above and beyond Brazil’s intrinsic potential. The debate has intensified around ways to ensure competitive supplies, particularly for two components of the aluminum chain: primary production and downstream fabrication.

This article will explore a bit of this transformation and some projections about the potential for value creation for aluminum chain in Brazil. It will also take a closer look at the challenges the industry will face if it is to realize that potential over the next decade.

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