Alexandre   photo


Consultant, São Paulo

Why Bain?
I chose Bain for the chance to make a difference and the challenge of being constantly out of my comfort zone—which makes me a rounder professional at the end of each project. Here, I have a real chance to participate in decisions that significantly impact our clients' businesses. Each project poses a high level of intellectual challenge, spanning several industries, markets and geographies. Lastly, at Bain I have the chance to work with our clients' top management and with smart, talented professionals.

My passion
In my work at Bain, one of the things I'm really passionate about is its culture of adding value to our clients, transforming businesses and changing organizations.

Lately, I've also been experiencing another great passion—the journey of being a father for the first time. I love being with my son, watching him develop and also learning with him.

My favorite case
During my MBA at INSEAD, I developed an interest in private equity (PE) projects. At Bain, we have a dedicated practice for this segment, studying the appeal of certain industries and companies as investments. One of my favorite cases was appraising a company for a PE fund. We had a very tight deadline, because the fund had a set date to make the purchase offer. In the span of three weeks, we conducted a very detailed study of the attractiveness of that industry in Brazil, the target capabilities and the business case, significantly contributing to the decision. Looking back, I'm proud of having delivered such a quality work in so short a time to our client.

My personal results story
There's no lack of amazing experiences at Bain, but what excites me most are the international training opportunities. Usually, every year we have some training alongside other Bain offices somewhere around the world. I had the chance to attend a training program in Lisbon and another in Los Angeles. In those programs, I've learned a bit more from Bain's culture of creating value to clients. I've also had the chance to meet people from different parts of the world—people who share the same passion for solving the diverse business challenges that our clients face every day.