André  photo


Partner, São Paulo

Why Bain?
When I first learned about consulting back in college, I realized this is a career with lots of opportunities—for growing, for challenging yourself, for working with the best companies in the world. That inspired me to join Bain as an associate consultant. And every single day, I keep choosing Bain because of the people who work here—people who make this place a light, fun and motivating environment.

My passion
One of my passions here at Bain is developing people. I'm driven by sharing knowledge, training people and seeing them grow professionally. Also, working on a project from start to finish and seeing my recommendations implemented by big companies is very rewarding.

Outside the office, my hobby is discovering new things, be it how to make beer, play tennis or play the piano. I'm constantly looking for novelty.

My favorite case
I worked on a case where the client was aiming for growth and believed that the path to get there was through acquiring other companies. The team and I managed to show that there could be a different way—that the company could profit from what it already had. Within the project team, I was charged with redesigning the product portfolio, building the marketing strategy and supporting the IPO process. The results were amazing: the client managed to grow the profit eight times over a period of five years. Being part of results like this is indescribable.

My personal results story
Bain provides many inspiring experiences. In my particular case, being able to keep serving clients while working part-time was one of them. In 2014, I had my workload reduced for three months so I could watch the World Cup matches in Brazil and focus intensely on a couple of personal passions. That kind of support and career flexibility is a reality at Bain.