Carlos  photo


Manager, São Paulo

Why Bain?
I had never thought about going into consulting, but during my MBA I started to feel interested in working in strategy, which would certainly be great for my professional development. Everyone was telling me it was such a huge learning experience—and that made me believe it could almost be like a second MBA year. Working with bright people on a range of different issues and industries was also crucial to my decision. Bain's culture was not only extremely important in my choice back then—it still shows in the fact that this "second MBA year" is about to celebrate its seventh anniversary!

My passion
Being able to work in different areas and expanding my knowledge more and more is one of my passions within Bain. It is motivating to belong to a place where diversity is crucial, where I can manage different teams and keep on learning. Bain also encourages you to pursue your personal passions—be it in the social sector, in sports or any other project you really want to do. In my case, besides my family—which always comes first—I'm also able to spend time on a real estate-related side project that I have.

My favorite case
It is very hard to single one out, because there is always something really interesting going on, whether due to the subject, the client or the team. But I particularly recall a strategy project for a mid-sized company that I led in Brazil. The market conditions were unfavorable, affecting both the business revenue and profitability. The challenge was compounded by the business's family-control history and the importance of the project to the company's future. We redefined the strategy, going through tough decisions the leadership would have to make. This plan is being fully implemented. Making a difference on this level, positively impacting the future of companies and people, is truly amazing.

My personal results story
Bain has a very entrepreneurial culture. A lot of things are led by the Bainies themselves. A few years ago, I was charged with organizing the Retreat, a year-end company party. The experience was fantastic. At such moments, you realize how collaborative Bain's culture is and how engaged everyone is—regardless of the work they do on a daily basis.