Guilherme  photo


Consultant, São Paulo

Why Bain?
The education you get at Bain, as well as its people, set the company apart. Every day I get to face business challenges that make me grow—all the while getting the full support I need to develop professionally, personally and technically. It is this positive and motivating environment that inspires me every day.

My passion
I have a passion for traveling, which perfectly fits with working here. At Bain, you can choose to either work on more local or global projects—and I often opt to serve international clients. As a result, I've already been able to visit more than 40 countries, many of them on working assignments, but many others just for being in the vicinity and grabbing the chance to extend the trip to interesting places.

My favorite case
A project that stands out in my career involved a client in the government sector. We developed an industrialization plan for the country that had an impact not only on companies, but most importantly on creating jobs that could change the lives of the local people. Being able to take part in this initiative was very rewarding.

My personal results story
In addition to our work as consultants, at Bain we can engage with other issues, which is a way to diversify our activities. For instance, I'm involved with Bain's own recruitment efforts and also act as a school leader, meaning I help the recruiting team connect with university students. It is great being able to help the company I belong to.