Luiza  photo


Principal, São Paulo

Why Bain?
I chose Bain for the ability to work on projects that are truly meaningful and relevant. For instance, working in the Healthcare practice, on projects with great potential to change the industry in Brazil, with strong exposure to clients—something crucial to my professional growth— and doing all this alongside a top, excellent team are what make me come to Bain every day.

My passion
I love the Results Delivery practice, which is all about trying to find solutions for clients in a different, more collaborative way. Doing workshops, interactive sessions and engaging the client more and more in the quest for results makes for a speedier and more enduring process. Being able to work closely with the client in a true partnership is simply fantastic. 

Outside of Bain, music is one of my passions. I like playing different instruments, I've been part of amateur music bands—and have even played in street Carnival bands!

My favorite case
I worked on a project for a health insurance plan whose potential impact on the Brazilian society was huge. Our challenge was to lower healthcare costs across the country, making it more sustainable without reducing the quality of patient care. Challenging projects like this really motivate me, because we have the chance to use data in the best possible way and influence thousands of people in terms of quality, satisfaction and costs.

My personal results story
Bain has provided me with remarkable opportunities at different points in my career. One of them was the application process for my MBA at Wharton. I am sure that having started as an AC helped me a lot in the competitive process to be accepted to this MBA program. Having a wide range of experiences, working on so many different projects and, of course, getting all the support and recommendations I got from Bain has really made a difference.