Marina  photo


Senior Associate Consultant, Rio de Janeiro

Why Bain?
I chose Bain for lots of reasons, including how dynamic a career at Bain is. I like to try new things, and at Bain I can work in several different markets, which greatly expands my knowledge. Another point is the flexibility, both growth-wise and on the daily work—with schedules, the option to work from home and attention to my personal needs.

My passion
At Bain, I'm definitely passionate about the people. Everyone is so approachable, friendly, smart—and great friends. Another passion I have is my own business, a separate activity from Bain. I have a company that specializes in setting up creative marriage proposals for people who want to make a big impact on such an important moment for the couple.

My favorite case
The first project I was engaged on from start to finish was very special to me. The client needed to purchase goods directly from its supplier—with no intermediates, as it had been doing up to that point. So, we needed to do a complete survey of what they already had and consolidate all the information to enable the client to make the decision. Even though I was a fresh AC, I was able to lead some parts of the project myself, which greatly helped speed my development.

My personal results story
An unforgettable experience at Bain was my first international training, in Virginia, where ACs from around the world are gathered in a single location to be trained on certain topics. The chance to meet Bainies from other offices and cultures is unique. Besides being able to experience first-hand the firm's union and culture, this trip enabled me, in my time off, to call on the leader of a meditation technique I practice and meet this guru and his associates in person. This is an experience I would never have had were it not for the amazing opportunities that Bain offers us.