Professional development


Bain's sharp focus on making companies more valuable and emphasis on constant reinvention in our own industry means our people get the best opportunities to learn and grow. The underlying motivation at Bain is learning. Consultants are immersed in a challenging learning environment. We constantly strive to understand the full breadth of issues that face business and community leaders today—and in the future.

The core of our business is building business success stories. At Bain Korea, our people work alongside corporate, private equity and venture/nonprofit clients, across a wide range of industries and geographies. Our client mix is very diverse, ranging from Fortune 500, to private equity to small and midsize firms. No two days are the same, and no two client cases are the same. They each present a different challenge.

Come to Bain and you will continue to learn.


From the minute you walk in the door, we will focus on training—both formal and informal. At Bain we run our formal training programs on a global basis. You will work in small teams with your colleagues from around the world, solving real business problems. You will be trained by senior Bain people who understand the skills you need to do your job.

Formal training is supplemented by our proprietary online "Bain Virtual University" which provides training materials at your fingertips. You will also receive regular informal training, in the form of coaching and mentoring from the people you work with day to day.

Our formal and informal training prepare you to make a valuable contribution from the word go.


Bain's Global Transfer system provides our people with opportunities to broaden their professional experience, while strengthening the "one firm" philosophy. Over the past several years, approximately 10-15% of our consulting staff has taken advantage of transfer opportunities. Transfers provide exposure to different clients, workstreams and cultures, while at the same time providing our people the opportunity to build a broader network within the Bain system.

Bain is committed to providing transfer opportunities for our strongest performers. Transfers may be short-term (six months), permanent or case-driven transfers (need-based transfers requested by an office to serve a client). Transfers maintain contact with mentors in their home office during their leave and seek out mentors in the receiving office to discuss their professional development during their transfer.

Meet some Bain people who have transferred to another office.


If you come to Bain Korea, you will have a world-class reputation as a Bain-trained professional. You will have the reputation of someone who can figure out the answers to the toughest questions, but also act decisively to get things done and make a difference. You will build a personal, influential network amongst clients and colleagues that will serve you well whatever you decide to do.

Many people stay at Bain and build very successful careers. The learning doesn't stop and the value proposition gets better and better. At very early points in your career at Bain you will get incredible responsibility, while having infinite career flexibility.

Others decide to pursue opportunities beyond Bain. Compared with the consulting sector overall, an unusually high proportion of our alumni—over 50%—choose more entrepreneurial options: private equity firms, portfolio companies, start-ups or small to midsize companies. Joining Bain Korea means you will have a Bain affiliation for life.

Bain employees have extraordinary choices.