Container company keeps products airtight and community wide open

The largest female community-supporting Korean company is not that of a large company, but of an SME ‘Lock & lock’ called “Lock & Lock supporters.” Starting with only about 1,000 members in 2002, this community has grown to the largest corporate-supporting community with more than 280 thousand members. There are no advertisements for Lock & Lock products; rather, this space is flooded with voluntary exchanges of information and communication among members. Lock & Lock cited its success factors as directly managing the community instead of outsourcing, allowing the members to voluntarily generate contents rather than the company getting directly involved, and minimized commercial elements. In 2006 when the issue of plastic container’s environmental hormone dealt a great blow to kitchenware companies, the supporters came forward to save Lock & Lock, preventing the issue from growing into a big crisis.

(Full article only available in Korean)