If I apply for a position in the Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta or Singapore office, will I be working only on cases in my "home" country?
No. Bain Southeast Asia uses a regional staffing model. Regardless of which office you choose as your home, you will have the opportunity to work in the region.

Can I apply for a six-month or off-cycle internship?
Bain Southeast Asia does not offer six-month or off-cycle internships. Our program runs for 10 weeks during the summer, from mid-June through mid-August, and at no other time. This internship is offered to undergraduate students who are in their penultimate year of study and first-year MBA students. Students must be enrolled in a full-time program.

I don't speak a Southeast Asian language. Is that a requirement?
No. A strong command of English is the only requirement; however, knowledge of a Southeast Asian language is a plus.

Can I interview with another Bain office, say New York, and then interview with the Southeast Asia office?
No. According to Bain's recruiting policy, candidates may interview with ONE Bain office. If you receive an invitation from multiple offices, you must choose ONE office with which to proceed.

Can I specialize in an industry?
No. All of our consultants start as generalists and typically begin to specialize when they reach the manager level. We focus on helping our consultants develop a general manager’s perspective— which is invaluable in our work with clients. To this end, consultants work across industries on a variety of business issues early in their careers. However, we are flexible and our staffing model is interactive: We work with consultants to accommodate their interest in working in a particular industry. When our people reach the senior manager level, after about four or five years, they will spend the majority of their time working in the industry of their choice.

What is Bain’s compensation structure like?
Our compensation package is competitive with other top-tier strategy consulting firms. It includes a base salary and performance and profit sharing bonuses. We also offer signing bonuses and relocation expense reimbursement.