• Plugging into Emerging Electricity Markets

    February 03, 2016 | Utilities & Alternative Energy | Bain Brief

    Companies and investors interested in global expansion in the power sector must consider a range of opportunities and risks.

  • Are we on the edge of a truly global gas market?

    December 05, 2011 | Utilities & Alternative Energy | Bain Brief

    In relatively short order, unconventional gas has altered the North American energy landscape. Now it is shifting energy dynamics across the globe. The “Shale Gale” has turned North America into a “gas island,” no longer dependent on gas imports. The LNG once destined for US shores must now find

  • How CEOs can beat their competitors in a carbon-regulated world

    February 08, 2010 | Oil & Gas | Bangkok Post

    In the heated debate over how countries can reduce emissions, Thailand is proving itself a regional leader. The National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB) has drafted an ambitious 15-year plan to reduce carbon emissions.