Interview preparation

Case interviews
We value the case interview process as a means for us to get to know each other better. It is a chance for you to show us how you think through a real business problem and for us to give you an example of the kinds of work we see every day. For this reason, our interviewers prepare their interviews based on real cases and tend not to rely on brainteasers or theoretical problems. You'll be expected to take the interviewer through the key issues and propose a practical solution.

The case interview is only one dimension of the recruiting process, but it is typically the part that raises the most anxiety. We hope the information in this section will help you to prepare for the case so that you can be confident and enjoy the interview.

Experience interviews
In addition to the case interview, you may have an experience interview in which the interviewer will use traditional résumé questions, a mini-case based on your experience and/or behavioral questions to understand your past experience and gain an understanding of your interest in Bain. The behavioral questions involve asking you to describe your actions in a past experience in the context of a critical consultant skill.