Recruiting event information

Events information for the class of 2019 students from Japanese university or graduate school

Currently no event is planned for class 2019.

Please register for MYPAGE to receive updates.

Events for Japanese students studying abroad

If you are studying for your bachelor, master or PhD degree abroad, you have the opportunity to connect with us either in Tokyo or overseas by visting the Global Events. Search for the Tokyo office.

Events for mid-career candidates

Bain & Company will be holding events for mid-career candidates.

Career Seminar: You can learn how it is like to work at Bain, and how you can develop your career via panel discussion with our consultants.

Case Interview Workshop: You can learn from our Consultants a typical case study step by step, and provide you tips on ways to prepare for strategy consulting interviews.
To learn more about the time and date of the upcoming workshops, please visit our Global Events list. In the list search for Tokyo office to learn more and sign up.


  • Mid-career professional with 5~10 years' fulltime work experience
  • If you have been on Bain's selection process within this past 1 year, you are not eligible to register to this event
  • If you have already graduated and are looking for opportunities
  • If you are currently enrolled in an MBA program

Note: In case of the large number of registrants, we will hold a draw for place allocation.