Practice area reports

Corporate Governance in Japan Board Membership and Beyond
  • Operational excellence: The imperative for oil and gas companies

    February 25, 2013 | Oil & Gas | Bain Brief

    For oil and gas executives, the need for operational excellence (OE) has never been greater. Sustaining excellence in performance requires continuous improvement and focus—so the journey is never over. Leaders at every level of the organization must continue to demonstrate their commitment and

  • The renaissance in mergers and acquisitions: The surprising lessons of the 2000s

    January 16, 2013 | Mergers & Acquisitions | Bain Brief

    Looking back at the first decade of this century, it is clear that many companies succeeded in delivering superior shareholder returns using M&A as a weapon for competitive advantage. Executives had to be smart about it, and they had to be committed. But for those with a repeatable model, the

  • China's shoppers: What retailers can learn from Chinese shoppers' behavior

    December 07, 2012 | Consumer Products | Bain report

    Our study of real-time shopper behavior provides important insights into how China’s retail landscape is quickly evolving, and what separates leading retailers from followers.

  • Customer Loyalty in Retail Banking: Global Edition

    December 04, 2012 | Financial Services | Bain report

    Our survey of 150,100 consumers in 14 countries reveals a surge in mobile banking and tepid loyalty scores given by affluent customers in many markets. These and other findings highlight the need for digital and physical banking channels to become more tailored to the priorities of high-value

  • China's shoppers: Foreign versus local brands

    December 04, 2012 | Consumer Products | Bain report

    China has become the world’s biggest battleground for consumer goods sales as both multinational and local companies aggressively compete for shoppers with rising incomes.

  • China's shoppers: Do city tier, life stage and category matter?

    December 04, 2012 | Consumer Products | Bain report

    When consumer products companies consider growing with Chinese shoppers, they must navigate a host of complex variables: distinct differences in regions and cities with different stages of economic development, and shoppers with fast-evolving needs and preferences.

  • Taking a new consumer goods category from zero to 100 in no time flat

    November 29, 2012 | Consumer Products | Bain Brief

    The race to create categories and subcategories may be your best option in emerging markets. Here’s how winners set the pace.

  • Who (really) are China's shoppers?

    November 27, 2012 | Consumer Products | Bain industry brief

    A new study of the real-time shopping habits of 40,000 Chinese households provides a revealing look at what–and how–they buy. The findings will help shape strategy for consumer goods companies hoping to grow along with China.

  • Seven years: Age of reason? 2005-2012: Creating value(s) in the digital age

    November 15, 2012 | Media | Forum d'Avignon

    Our in-depth look at the state of media and devices across several categories (music, video, books and video games) suggests that this field is as turbulent as ever, with cycles of innovation and reinvention creating a fertile ground for exploring new models. Consumers across the world continue to

  • National oil companies reshape the playing field

    October 10, 2012 | Oil & Gas | Bain Brief

    The balance of power has flipped in the oil industry. National oil companies, who controlled less than 10 percent of reserves in the 1970s, now control more than 90 percent. Oilfield service companies stand to benefit from this change, while IOCs and Independents must decide how to adapt their