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Working at Bain has shown me that I have so much to learn and so much to share. double-quote-close

Why Bain?

I was looking for a job that had challenging and interesting work, but I also wanted to find a collegial work environment. Bain not only offered me both of these things, but is truly the best at combining the two. The ability to have your work add tremendous value for your clients, while still maintaining a supportive, down-to-earth and fun culture is a rare combination.

My passion

I have always been passionate about the opportunity to give back to the community.  During my four years at Bain, I have played a role in our volunteer after-school tutoring program.  Each week, I, alongside a collection of Bainies, have provided tutoring services to underprivileged kids at a local community center.  Even with limited free time, the positive impact we have on these students makes it 100% worthwhile.

My favorite case

The best cases seem to combine an amazing impact for our clients with a dynamic and memorable team environment.  In my second year as Associate Consultant we worked with a Gold Mining Company in rural Nevada.  I had the opportunity to take on a challenging role and work 'on the ground' with dispatch and actual truck drivers to re-design their optimal truck routes.  A collection of many changes improved efficiency that lead to an ~$30M cost savings.  Equally important to my positive experience was the unique working situation that I shared with my clients and colleagues.  Working on a mine in rural Nevada, may not seem glamourous, but the bonds that were formed and experiences that were shared formed priceless lifelong memories.

My personal results story

One aspect I truly love about Bain is the opportunity for my actual day-to-day work to have direct impact on our client's success.  A specific recent example was for a U.S. mainline Airline where we created a new Revenue Integrity strategy.  Pricing/Revenue models in the Airline Industry can be very complicated.  Our ability to sift through the complexity and identify a prioritized list of "simple and actionable" improvements identified a $100M+ revenue opportunity.  I was responsible for not only identifying these opportunities, but also working with 10+ Senior Executives to approve and implement the required changes.  Within a span of only a few months, we had seen our client already 'bank' 10% of the opportunity and on pace to capture nearly 100% of the total.  The ability to have such a tangible impact in such a short period of time was a huge success for our client, and one I am truly proud of.

A final thought

Surround yourself with the best people.  Working at Bain has shown me that I have so much to learn and so much to share.  If you put yourself in a environment where people invest in your development and growth, you can learn so much more than any business problem alone can teach you.