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Principal, Toronto

My passion at Bain is to continuously challenge myself and push my professional development while assisting clients with their most top-of-mind and toughest issues. double-quote-close

Why Bain?

There are so many great reasons to join Bain “on paper”: cross industry experience, exposure to senior leaders, and commitment to training and mentorship, to name a few. For me, when it came down to making the final choice between firms, I decided to join Bain because of its culture. From initial recruiting events to final interviews, the Bainies that I met were consistently supportive, smart and fun! I knew I wanted to work in a place where the people inspired me.

My passion

One of my passions outside of Bain is music. Even with a very busy work schedule in my first project in the Private Equity group, I was able to attend rehearsals every Monday evening. The members of my team also had their own outside commitments, so we worked together to deliver great results for the client while making time for other activities. Whether its family, a sports team, or volunteer work, you can balance what’s important to you with a job with Bain.

My favorite case

I recently worked on a project for an industrial client facing external threats that will completely change their business model. We brought together experts from multiple Bain offices to work side by side with the client and help them tackle the key issues. It was amazing to see the work that we developed together be put into action immediately, with a truly transformational impact.

My perspective on diversity at Bain

Bain has a strong sense of community, locally and globally. This includes supporting diversity initiatives, such as the Women at Bain program. From local office social events to our Global Women’s Summit, Bain is committed to creating an inclusive environment.

Perhaps even more importantly, there is a great sense of entrepreneurship at Bain. Don’t see the diversity or interest group for you? Then start it!

A final thought

The interview process can get pretty hectic. Remember to stay focused on what matters most to you for the next stage of your career. Take every opportunity to ask questions to discover which company is the right fit for you!