Frequently asked questions

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  1. When is my application due?

    We recruit for all positions all year round; however, if you are applying for a summer associate internship, you should follow the application timeline on your university’s page, or check with your school’s career services office.

  2. How long do I have to wait for a decision regarding my application or after my interviews?

    Our goal is to contact you within six weeks of receiving your application, whatever the outcome. If we feel that you would be a good fit for our company, we will contact you to schedule an interview.

    At the end of the first day of interviews (round one), we will let you know the outcome. We will also make every effort to contact candidates within one week of the second round of interviews. However, at times, the process may take longer, as we want to make sure we can hold a full debriefing before making a decision. We appreciate your patience.

  3. Can I reapply to Bain if my first attempt is not successful?

    MBA candidates who were not selected as summer associates are encouraged to apply for a full-time position in their second year.

    All other candidates who are interested in consulting roles but were unsuccessful in their first round of interviews should wait at least 12-18 months to gain additional experience before reapplying to Bain.

    Please highlight the relevant experience you have gained since your original application in your cover letter and résumé.