• Decision-driven marketing

    June 24, 2014 | Harvard Business Review

    Cutting-edge companies create a different kind of marketing organization—one that is less siloed, more interactive, and more collaborative, and that increases marketing’s value and effectiveness.

  • Your scarcest resource

    April 15, 2014 | Organization | Harvard Business Review

    Most companies have elaborate procedures for managing capital. They require a compelling business case for any new investment. They set hurdle rates. They delegate authority carefully, prescribing spending limits for each level.

  • Managing Initiative Overload

    March 06, 2014 | Decision Effectiveness | Bain Brief

    When you're overwhelmed with initiatives, you can't contribute to good, fast decision making. Here’s a practical set of guidelines to prevent initiative overload when possible and mitigate its effects when not.

  • How group dynamics affect decisions

    December 03, 2013 | Decision Effectiveness | Bain Brief

    What happens in a group—the pressure toward conformity, obedience to authority, and so on—can lead to bad decisions. Companies have to be aware of group dynamics and take steps to mitigate their effects.

  • The five traps of high-stakes decision making

    November 14, 2013 | Organization |

    Big-stakes decisions are just that—big. When they go awry, it is typically because the organization has fallen victim to one or more of these failures.

  • History's biggest mistakes: Why you're not doomed to repeat them

    October 08, 2013 | Organization |

    A company has to make good choices time after time. It has to do so speedily—faster than competitors—and it has to ensure that decisions get translated into action. No wonder there are as many missteps in this sphere as there are in dubious moments in history. After all, great decision processes

  • Boiling-frog affliction and other ills: Using combination therapies to improve organization performance

    October 02, 2013 | Decision Effectiveness | Bain Brief

    Organizational ailments tend to come in clusters—which means you’re going to need a combination of treatments to fix them.

  • Leading through Adversity

    January 23, 2013 | Decision Effectiveness | CNN Money | Media mention

    Orit Gadiesh participated on a high profile panel at the 2013 World Economic Forum, titled, “Leading through Adversity.â€

  • Bad decisions in history: Cautionary tales

    December 05, 2012 | Organization | Bain Brief

    Bad decisions are a bit like Trojan horses—you may not recognize the danger at first, but if you know your history, you’ll soon learn to keep them outside your walls.

  • Measuring decision effectiveness

    June 05, 2012 | Organization | Bain Brief

    Companies that make high-quality decisions, make them quickly, and implement them effectively win more contracts, get to market faster and otherwise beat out rivals. And yet many companies do not even measure their decision effectiveness. They don’t know how they stack up against the competition,