Best of Bain in Harvard Business Review

We don't write reports, but we do publish practical insights to help business leaders outperform their industries.

"Best of Bain in Harvard Business Review" is a compilation of articles written by Bain VPs previously published in Harvard Business Review.


Nirad Jain: What's Behind the Surge in Retail Healthcare?


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The collection assembles our most current and timeless thinking on six topics critical to business success:

1. Brand Management: Moving the Stakes

Winning With The Big-Box Retailers, by Eric Schwalm and David Harding
The Starbucks Effect, by Vijay Vishwanath and David Harding
Your Brand's Best Strategy, by Vijay Vishwanath and Jonathan Mark
Brands vs. Private Labels, by John A. Quelch and David Harding

2. E-Commerce: Beyond the Hype
E-Loyalty: Your Secret Weapon on the Web, by Frederick F. Reichheld and Phil Schefter
The Narrow Path to Victory for B2B Exchanges (Harvard Management Update), by Michael Collins and Phil Schefter

3. Results Leadership: Driving Corporate Change
Ways Chief Executive Officers Lead , by Charles M. Farkas and Suzy Wetlaufer
Right Away and All at Once: How We Saved Continental, by Greg Brenneman

4. Intellectual Capital: Assuring Knowledge Workers Share the Wealth
What's Your Strategy for Managing Knowledge? By Morten T. Hansen, Nitin Nohria, and Thomas Tierney

5. Profitable Growth in an Era of Turbulence
Turbulence Revealed, Bain Study
Profit Pools: A Fresh Look at Strategy, by Orit Gadiesh and James L. Gilbert
How to Map Your Industry's Profit Pools, by Orit Gadiesh and James L. Gilbert

6. The Loyalty Effect
Loyalty-Based Management, by Frederick F. Reichheld
Learning from Customer Defections, by Frederick F. Reichheld