Davos 2018: The Future of Electricity

Joseph Scalise, who leads Bain's Industrial Goods & Services practice in the Americas, discusses Bain's latest research on the future of electricity and three important themes to consider in the relationship between the electricity and mobility ecosystems.

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JOSEPH SCALISE: We've been working this year in our Future of Electricity series, looking at the connection between the electricity ecosystem and the mobility ecosystem. People think of this most directly as electric vehicles. When we think about the two systems together, we think about three important aspects.

One, the need to work across stakeholder groups—not just private sector, but across the various levels of government. Two, the need to focus on mobility—not just electric vehicles—because when you add in the issues of autonomous vehicles and shared transport, it's a very different set of questions.

And third, to think not just one or two steps ahead, but multiple steps ahead. What we're doing in the proliferation phase of moving more electric vehicles into the ecosystem will be very different than when we're talking about autonomous and shared mobility. And so we need to repair the infrastructure for that phase.

The work we're doing is particularly relevant to the audience at Davos, given the unique opportunity we have here to address both policymakers from around the globe, as well as folks in the private sector who are key drivers of this transformation. Getting them together is what Davos is all about.

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