Davos 2018: The Impact of Digital

Torsten Lichtenau, a partner with Bain's Digital practice, shares the broad benefits of digital technologies discussed at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting and weighs the effect the ongoing global digital transformation is having on jobs.

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Read the transcript below.

TORSTEN LICHTENAU: What I'm taking away from the World Economic Forum regarding digital is that the understanding across politicians, business and academia has really increased. People now understand what are the basic technologies underlying these trends and the benefits you can get from that. And I think that's very, very positive to make sure that people can go back home and do something about it and unlock the benefits.

Another big topic is what is happening with the jobs with the new digital transformation. And there is a recognition that there's a need to invest heavily in the talent to unlock the potential but also to make sure that the broader workforce is able to cope with the changes coming from digital. And that, I think, is a very positive development.

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