Davos 2018: Meeting of the Minds

Bain Partner Guy Brusselmans shares how inspired he was to see leaders from governments, businesses and nonprofits come together at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos.

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GUY BRUSSELMANS: It's the first time I'm at the World Economic Forum here in Davos. And the first thing that just shocks you or impresses you is the sheer size of it. The entire town participates in the event. Every single corner, every cafe is transformed into lounge meeting places. It's kind of just you find everybody here. And it's just massive scale.

When you put leaders together from very different fields of activity, from the political leaders to the nongovernmental world and then the business leaders, you put all these people together in a room around the topic, and there's a certain creativity that comes up. And it's just very energizing to be part of that. And in every discussion, there's something you can take with you back to your work at home.

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