Davos 2018: Young Global Leaders

Torsten Lichtenau, a partner with Bain's Digital practice, discusses his experience as part of the World Economic Forum's Young Global Leaders and considers how this has helped broaden his perspective on key issues facing not only businesses but society as a whole.

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Read the transcript below.

TORSTEN LICHTENAU: It's been an absolute pleasure and honor to be a young global leader for the past two years. I think what it has brought to me is access to a fantastic network of people. Not only from business, but also from academia and from politics. It does really broaden my perspective on many of the issues.

For example on digital, I'm working a lot on this topic within Bain. But it's not only about what is the impact for businesses, but also how we need to invest as a society in lifelong learning. How we take a multilateral approach to cybersecurity. Or, for example, digital has changed the trust in institutions.

And being part of that network really helps me to have a much broader perspective about these issues, and be able to provide much more holistic advice to my clients.

More from Bain at Davos 2018 >