Customer Strategy & Marketing Publications

  • Latin America finance: The rise and fall of internet investments

    March 01, 2001 | Customer Loyalty | EIU Business Forum

    Last year started off with great optimism for the nascent Latin American Internet industry as investors flocked to fund new ventures at a frenetic pace.

  • Conta Gotas

    February 07, 2001 | Customer Loyalty

    Anascente ind·stria de internet na AmÚrica Latina comeþou o ano 2000 com grande otimismo. Uma pesquisa feita pela consultoria Bain & Company revela que as empresas de private equity e de capital de risco investiram US$2,577 bilh§es em 2000, um crescimento de 268% em relaþÒo a 1999.

  • Corporate Venturing: Management Fad or Lasting Trend

    January 31, 2001 | Customer Loyalty | Bain Brief

    Corporate venturing has increased dramatically in recent years as companies seek to grab ever more profitable growth. This has raised two important questions. First, is it a management fad or lasting trend?