Customer Strategy & Marketing Publications

  • How Insurers Can Improve Customer Loyalty

    November 08, 2016 | Bain infographic

    Many insurers struggle to earn customer loyalty. However, insurers can boost loyalty by offering services beyond traditional coverage and focusing on mobile.

  • Customer Behavior and Loyalty in Insurance: Global Edition 2016

    September 14, 2016 | Bain Brief

    Current digital tools are creating opportunities in customer loyalty beyond basic coverage.

  • Who's responsible for employee engagement?

    December 11, 2013 | Customer Loyalty | Bain Brief

    Many senior executives preach a gospel of engagement but undercut themselves by abdicating responsibility to corporate staff, often HR. Engagement leaders such as Rackspace, AT&T, Intuit and Cintas take a different approach. They empower line supervisors to lead the charge, giving them the right

  • Can communications services providers earn their customers' love?

    February 16, 2012 | Telecommunications |

    Communications services providers that can get their customers to love them, and become vocal promoters, will outpace their competitors over time.

  • Winning with customer experience

    December 07, 2011 | Customer Strategy & Marketing |

    Building excellent customer experience into a company’s DNA takes a substantial investment in time and money, but the payoff is a customer experience so powerful that it creates advocates who tell your story in the marketplace every day across multiple platforms.

  • Can communications services providers earn their customers' love?

    August 11, 2011 | Telecommunications | Bain Brief

    Companies in Internet, mobile and cable now compete on a changed playing field. With penetration flattening (wireless penetration in the US, for example, is nearly 100 percent) and competition intensifying, companies must fight for market share as never before. To be successful, providers will need

  • Health Care Viewpoint #1: Winning Globally in the New Health Care Marketplace

    December 31, 1996 | Healthcare | Bain Brief

    Market forces in the U.S. continue to drive change in local health care delivery. Outside the U.S., national health care systems are imposing significant price and utilization constraints. Research innovation is increasingly centered in Europe and Japan.