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  • Niels Peder Nielsen: The return of corporate strategy in banking

    October 28, 2015 | Financial Services | Bain video

    Facing low interest margins and low growth, many banks must relearn strategy. Partner Niels Peder Nielsen explains how in this short video.

  • Acquirers Face Strategic and Tech Hurdles to Stay Relevant

    October 07, 2015 | PaymentsSource

    A storm of innovation in technologies and business models is shaking up how consumers make—and businesses receive—payments.

  • Escaping the doom loop in contact center operations

    September 02, 2015 | Bain Brief

    Many retail banks struggle to eliminate avoidable calls. We've seen a more effective approach among leading banks produce sustainable reductions of 20% to 40% of total demand within two years.

  • The Return of Corporate Strategy in Banking

    September 02, 2015 | Bain Brief

    Falling returns and a widening gap between winners and losers demand that banks rethink their strategies. The rise of digital attackers and innovations such as peer-to-peer lending and international payments solutions, are speeding the pace of change. Banks that hesitate to act risk falling behind

  • The evolution of China's private wealth market

    September 02, 2015 | Bain Brief

    The number of high-net-worth individuals in China has doubled since 2010. As China’s private wealth market grows and changes, all wealth management institutions are discovering the importance of adapting to their customers’ shifting needs and preferences.

  • Five Imperatives for Navigating Turbulence in the Payments Ecosystem

    September 02, 2015 | Bain Brief

    New technologies and business models are shaking up the payments ecosystem, and payment companies must embrace disruption or suffer the fallout. Merchant acquirers, which enable businesses to accept payments, can turn the upheaval to their advantage if they help merchants sell more, reduce costs

  • Keeping Trim

    September 01, 2015 | Best's Review

    A lean approach that centers on improving the customer experience and shifting employee behavior around that experience will not only raise productivity but also advance the cause of earning customer loyalty. And when the front line becomes truly engaged, lean will stick.

  • Korean Online Banking Success Factors - Bain Seoul

    August 14, 2015 | Digital, Financial Services | TechM

    Under a government plan, one or two internet-only banks will obtain a preliminary license in Korea at the end of this year, and three or four of such banks are expected to emerge in the second half of next year at the latest. What will be the success factors for a Korean online bank?

  • Harshveer Singh: The Digical® Transformation in Insurance

    July 15, 2015 | Bain video

    Partner Harshveer Singh offers several key considerations for insurance executives who want to expand their online tools while maintaining the best of their physical resources.

  • By the numbers: Insurers navigate the digital transition

    July 15, 2015 | Insurance | Bain infographic

    About 79% of consumers worldwide say they will use a digital channel for insurance interactions over the next few years.