Mergers & Acquisitions Publications

  • Globalization: Profit or Peril?

    June 09, 1999 | Merger Integration | Globe and Mail

    But jumping on this bandwagon can be ruinous if conditions are not right. How does the chief executive officer know when to make the globalization decision? The promise of improved profitability — from increased revenue, reduced costs or improved asset utilization — is a strong factor.

  • The Future of Customer Service

    May 27, 1999 | Customer Strategy & Marketing | Bain Brief

    What can it mean when a five-star hotel chain authorises its staff to spend up to 1,250 pounds each to tackle problems affecting customer service? Or that a prominent retailer guarantees shoppers they will never again have to queue at the checkout counter?

  • Rebuilding Banking Piecemeal, on Web

    May 27, 1999 | Strategic Due Diligence | American Banker

    The game of Jenga, which takes its name from the Swahili word for construction, challenges each player to remove as many blocks as possible from a cross-hatched tower of wooden beams, then to use the removed blocks to build additional stories, all without causing the tower to crash.

  • Broadband Services - Success Second Time Around

    March 31, 1999 | Strategic Due Diligence | Global Telecoms Business

    Broadband services are back at the financing trough -this time with their hunger for growth financing backed by adequate consumer and small business demand. Global capital markets will be asked for more than $100 billion of broadband network construction funding over the next three to five years.