Performance Improvement Publications

  • Don't cut customer service

    February 28, 2010 | Performance Improvement | CEO Forum

    When downturns strike, companies sometimes blindly cut customer service costs, sacrificing service quality in a quest to hit short-term financial targets. When the economy starts recovering, they beef up investments in customer service to win back customers. And find it's too late.

  • Keeping up with your customers

    September 02, 2006 | Customer Loyalty | The Edge

    Ford's recent ranking as the highest in customer satisfaction in a recent industry survey in Malaysia is clearly good for the company. But kudos in surveys do not always translate to superior business performance.

  • Tuning into the voice of your customer

    September 30, 2005 | Customer Loyalty | Harvard Management Update

    A recent Bain & Company survey reveals just how commonly companies misread the market. Surveying 362 firms, the company found that 80% believed they delivered a "superior experience" to their customers.

  • Loyalty: A Prescription for Cutting Costs

    August 31, 2003 | Customer Loyalty | Marketing Management

    In the current downturn, many companies are tightening their belts, but too many are missing their biggest opportunity to keep costs down. Building loyal relationships with customers and other stakeholders can go a long way toward cost reduction.

  • Fighting Fire with Water - from Channel Conflict to Confluence

    June 30, 2000 | Customer Loyalty | eStrategy Brief

    Fighting Fire with Water - from Channel Conflict to Confluence eStrategy Brief By Darrell Rigby, Michael O'Sullivan and Randall Hancock