Performance Improvement Publications

  • Getting Quality Returns from Investments in Mobile Networks

    July 18, 2017 | Bain Brief

    Leading telcos are using the lens of customer experience to drive more effective and targeted investments in the network.

  • Learning from the lucky thirteen

    May 25, 2008 | Consumer Products | Brandweek

    There are two strategic steps that, year after year, have been proven to help brands outperform their competitors. It can't be all that difficult to remember two of anything, and yet we consistently see so many companies fail to stick to those two steps.

  • Loyalty: A Prescription for Cutting Costs

    August 31, 2003 | Customer Loyalty | Marketing Management

    In the current downturn, many companies are tightening their belts, but too many are missing their biggest opportunity to keep costs down. Building loyal relationships with customers and other stakeholders can go a long way toward cost reduction.

  • Rip the band-aid off quickly

    November 15, 2001 |

    Too often, management teams that face the daunting challenge of corporate transformation don't move far enough, fast enough, or broadly enough to truly reposition their businesses.

  • Trade Spending: Investment or Expense?

    December 31, 1997 | Technology | Bain Brief

    Packaged-goods manufacturers have good reason to be unhappy with trade promotions, which seem to grow more complex, more numerous, more expensive, and less manageable every year.