Performance Improvement Publications

  • How Asian companies can beat the recession

    October 27, 2008 | Performance Improvement | BusinessWeek Online

    As the financial crisis spreads across the globe, businesses are recasting plans to deal with uncertainty. Recessions tend to shuffle the deck: When business slows, the opportunities to make mistakes or take advantage of weaker players increase.

  • Lean Six Sigma for the manufacturing industry

    May 19, 2008 | Performance Improvement | Bain Brief

    As a methodology for improving both factory output and quality, Lean Six Sigma (LSS) has gained widespread popularity. The approach, which aims to help companies create leaner manufacturing operations and boost product quality to no more than 3.

  • A new formula for airline profits

    February 07, 2007 | Industrial Machinery |

    There's never been a more challenging time for airlines: Delta Air Lines, struggling to emerge from bankruptcy protection, fends off a hostile bid; meanwhile, United Airlines, recently reorganized, is talking merger with Continental Airlines.