Performance Improvement Publications

  • Six Sigma at your service

    May 31, 2009 | Performance Improvement | Business Strategy Review

    Lean Six Sigma is the bedrock of quality initiatives in manufacturing companies. Can this approach be used in service companies? It already is, and Peter Guarraia, Gib Carey, Alistair Corbett and Klaus Neuhaus show how techniques long used by Motorola and Toyota can be used in your company.

  • How Asian companies can beat the recession

    October 27, 2008 | Performance Improvement | BusinessWeek Online

    As the financial crisis spreads across the globe, businesses are recasting plans to deal with uncertainty. Recessions tend to shuffle the deck: When business slows, the opportunities to make mistakes or take advantage of weaker players increase.

  • The Dawn of the Mega Supplier

    June 14, 1999 | Bain Brief

    What if buying a car were more like buying a computer? A shopper would begin by deciding what generation of engine she wanted in her sedan-say, a Cummins NTR with 200 horsepower, the reigning "Pentium" of car engines-and which interior model she wanted: say, the Lear B90 or B100.