Performance Improvement Publications

  • Supply managers move to mission critical

    November 07, 2006 | Sustained Cost Transformation | IndustryWeek

    When the first passengers board Boeing's 787 Dreamliner in 2008, they'll be part of aviation history, flying aboard a super fuel-efficient aircraft that allows midsize jets to achieve the range of much larger jetliners.

  • Manager@Work: The fulcrum for growth

    September 24, 2006 | Complexity management | The Edge

    Asia is enjoying rapid growth, with Malaysia and other Southeast Asian economies on track for gross national product increases of 5% or more for the year.

  • How to build a sales force that delivers - Audio slideshow with text transcript

    September 19, 2006 | Results Brief

    Hi, I'm Dianne Ledingham, a partner with Bain & Company, and I'd like to spend the next few minutes talking to you about the new science of sales force effectiveness.

  • Building a winning culture

    August 24, 2006 | Performance Culture | Bain Brief

    Why has Dell been consistently successful over the past decade? Aside from the operational discipline and talented people, Dell founder Michael Dell and CEO Kevin Rollins cites their success on "years and years of DNA development that is not replicable outside the company." In a word: culture.

  • Rules For Rookie CEOs

    August 15, 2006 | Performance Improvement |

    What do new CEOs Jonathan Schwartz of Sun Microsystems and Ephren Taylor of City Capital have in common? Any newly appointed CEO or general manager faces two immediate challenges the first day on the job.

  • Supply management: strategy's hidden accelerator

    May 14, 2006 | Bain Brief

    Most companies are already pursuing a variety of initiatives that constitute today's conventional wisdom for improving supply management. They are optimizing costs through expanded (often global) sourcing.