Bain Technology Insights

  • Identifying and monetising cloud computing's five customer types

    May 07, 2012 | Technology |

    Over the next three years, nearly 65% of the growth will come from companies that make little or no use of the cloud today. Industries like retail, transportation, industrials and financial services will demand more private and hybrid cloud offerings. Bain identified five clusters of companies with

  • Connected devices and services: Reinventing content

    November 18, 2011 | Forum d'Avignon

    This survey of 3,000 consumers in the US, Europe and Asia suggests strong interest in what we call “connected content experiences”—that is, content accessed through the next generation of Internet-connected devices and services. While video and gaming activities remain top of mind among consumers,

  • Prepping for the next big thing

    September 09, 2011 | Technology | Bain Brief

    Eight trillion-dollar macro trends are at work in the global economy. The pursuit by businesses and governments of the macro trends’ growth potential will touch many corners of the globe.

  • The five faces of the cloud

    July 31, 2011 | Bain Brief

    New customers with new demands are fueling the growth of cloud computing, forcing providers to adapt.

  • Delighting the digital consumer

    May 08, 2011 | Customer Strategy & Marketing | Bain capability brief

    For nearly eight decades innovation worked in television’s favor, making it more exciting, more accessible. From color to high-definition, network to cable, each new technology hooked more viewers to watch more on TV. Now technology and television lead separate lives.

  • The new cost-conscious doctor: Changing America's healthcare landscape

    March 03, 2011 | Healthcare | Bain Brief

    For those who believe that America's physicians contribute to the country's spiraling healthcare costs by demanding more—more unnecessary tests, more expensive prescriptions, more complex treatment regimens—change is on the way.

  • Creating a new commercial model for the changing medtech market

    February 08, 2011 | Healthcare | Bain industry brief

    For three decades the medtech industry generated consistent success based on one formula: sell innovative, clinically beneficial products to surgeons and "pull" these products through hospitals and other providers that ultimately pay for them. Now, that world is changing:

  • Personal data: The emergence of a new asset class

    February 06, 2011 | Telecommunications | World Economic Forum

    The mountain of personal data about each of us is growing larger—and more valuable—every day. Indeed, personal data will soon emerge as a new asset class, but only if new legal, cultural, technological and economic infrastructures also arise to address concerns over potential misuse.

  • Reengineering medtech R&D

    December 14, 2010 | Healthcare | Bain industry brief

    Innovation by medtech companies gave the world lifesaving devices such as dialysis machines, pacemakers and defibrillators. Now these companies need help of their own to address several disruptive changes in the market.

  • Next wave of e-readers may be women

    November 29, 2010 | Media | Harvard Business Publishing: The Daily Stat

    Early adopters of e-readers such as the Kindle tend to be males in their 20s and 30s, but readers who are thinking of buying such devices in the near future are mostly women and are over the age of 35, according to a Bain & Company survey of almost 3,000 consumers in six developed countries.