Bain Technology Insights

  • Your Data Isn't Helping Your Marketers if They Can't Access It

    November 11, 2015 | Telecommunications |

    With the tools of modern technology helping to make marketers more insightful than ever, disorganization and technology may be a bigger barrier than ever.

  • Will Poindexter: Neglected, Indebted or Gold-plated—Which Type of IT Do You Have?

    November 10, 2015 | Information Technology, Technology | Bain video

    IT at most organizations falls into one of three categories based on past investing and spending on technology. Bain Partner Will Poindexter looks at how to identify your company's IT archetype, and what to do next.

  • Jim Dixon: Improving Customer Experience in Enterprise Technology

    November 05, 2015 | Telecommunications | Bain video

    Customer experience in enterprise technology has long been an afterthought. But as more products and services move to the cloud, Bain Partner James Dixon explains how companies need to make customer experience a priority.

  • Laurent-Pierre Baculard: Planning for a Digital Transformation

    November 04, 2015 | Telecommunications | Bain video

    Digital transformation: For many companies, it's the elephant in the room. But what is the best path forward? Bain Partner Laurent-Pierre Baculard details how to structure an effective transformation.

  • How to leverage the benefits of the cloud - Bain São Paulo

    October 08, 2015 | Technology | Decision Report

    A recent Bain & Company survey of more than 400 companies shows that companies place, on average, only 18% of their data in the cloud. (Full article only available in Portuguese)

  • The Internet of Things is a "Land of Opportunity" for Information and Communications Technology - Bain Seoul

    September 01, 2015 | Digital, Technology | Dong-A Business Review

    The Internet of Things (IoT) requires a new business implementation approach and a totally different capability for various industries, particularly for information and communications technology (ICT).

  • Digital Transformation - Bain Seoul

    August 31, 2015 | Technology | Maekyung Economy

    When a new technology is introduced, it does not automatically convert into commercial tools or find its way into our daily lives. It takes months and sometimes years before it finally gets used by the corporate world.

  • Improving IT Services with a Factory Mindset

    July 08, 2015 | Bain Brief

    As firms grow, executives need to take a more rational approach to management, based on better planning, lean operations and more sophisticated supply chain management. Our survey of Indian and global firms identified four capabilities critical to efficient performance in current operations and a

  • Finding the Silver Lining in China's Cloud Market

    July 08, 2015 | Bain Brief

    Despite a push towards local and public cloud, many of China’s largest IT buyers such as financial institutions, telecommunications companies, big Internet companies, and well-funded government bodies favor building their own private clouds over adopting public cloud services. Now is the time to

  • The Power of Focus in Medical Technology

    February 18, 2015 | Bain Brief

    In many industries we find a clear correlation between overall scale and profitability. Yet in medtech, the correlation between industry scale and profitability is quite weak. Bain research shows that profitability is more a function of category leadership than overall scale. Accumulating follower