Telecommunications Publications

  • When global strategies go wrong

    April 03, 2002 | The Wall Street Journal Asia

    Japan's leading mobile operator, NTT DoCoMo Inc., announced last week it would write down the reduced value of its investment in AT&T Wireless Services Inc., a move expected to contribute to an extraordinary loss of about one trillion yen ($7.53 billion) for the current fiscal year.

  • Chinese Handsets Get a Boost

    March 01, 2002 | Telecommunications |

    China's policymakers want the nation to grow its own mobile-phone handset industry. To do so, the regulators must create a vibrant CDMA wireless-services market that provides domestic handset makers with a large subscriber base.

  • Déjà view

    October 23, 2001 | Telephony Online

    Not long ago, a second-place technology company discovered a new product with the potential to revolutionize data handling. The company's decision to focus on this new technology fueled rapid earnings growth and propelled its stock price upward 230% in less than five months.

  • A Core Focus

    September 30, 2001 | Financial Services |

    An increase in the region mobile cellular subscribers, for example, from barely one million to over 170 million in 1990-2000_ bore testament to the massive potential of the Asian telecoms markets for operators and vendors alike.

  • Software Strategy: What ISVs can learn as ASP wave turns to vapor

    August 12, 2001 | Performance Improvement | Bain Brief

    As a new wave of application service providers (ASPs) gathers momentum, independent service providers (ISVs) should examine and learn from ASPs past failings. This article outlines four steps ISVs should take to establish a strong market position. And ISVs shouldn't wait, the time to act is now!

  • Web Works Wonders

    June 30, 2001 | Fundamentals of Growth |

    This translates to US$400 million for a firm like Telstra, and US$6 billion for NTT. Take Cisco Systems for example. Last year, it projected US$825 million in savings because it operates business online.

  • Glory continues for fibre optics

    May 30, 2001 | Technology | Global Telecoms Business

    For those of you who think the glory days of fibre optics are over, consider this. Last year China's telcos, which serve a market of over a billion customers, added about 20 million fixed lines and continued construction of backbone and local loop fibre networks at a feverish pace.

  • European telecoms should dial up web savings

    March 31, 2001 | Bain Net Promoter System® | Global Telecoms Business

    Consider the firms like Cisco, Oracle or Dell that make the best use of the internet to transform the way they do business - thereby outgrowing their markets and becoming more profitable. You won't find too many telecom service companies on that exclusive list.

  • Develop the Talent Pipeline

    March 29, 2001 | Bain Net Promoter System® | Global Telecoms Business

    You may be happy to stay on as CEO, but is your company grooming your successors, especially to meet the new demands of convergence? Fewer than half are doing so, says Paul DiPaola, a vice president of Bain & Company.

  • Mobile Detour: Wireless Internet Companies Are Taking the Same Wrong Turns as Their Landline Predecessors

    February 28, 2001 | Telecommunications | Bain Brief

    AT&T's tracking stock and many other wireless shares seem to have followed their Internet precursors over the cliff. AT&T Wireless Group halved to $17.00 a share by year-end 2000. Does this mean wireless is doomed to the same fate as their landline Internet ancestors?