Telecommunications Publications

  • Fighting heats up in battle of the bundle

    February 21, 2006 | Telecommunications | The Financial Times

    Cable television and telephone companies are spending heavily to create the wired world's vision of nirvana: integrated voice, internet and video to the home. But so far, customers are resisting "bundled" services in their droves.

  • It can pay to be a copycat

    May 31, 2005 | Technology | The Financial Times

    What pathway should a technology company take nearly to double its revenue? In April, Dell Computer said it would take the direct route: extending its powerful direct to the customer business model from PCs into flat panel televisions, laptops, and now printers.

  • Surviving and Thriving in the Telecommunications' Nuclear Winter

    May 29, 2005 | Telecommunications | The Financial Times

    Despite the recent burst of announced mergers, totaling more than $100 billion so far, the telecommunications industry isn't likely to break out of its "nuclear winter" anytime soon.

  • Telecom's other 'merger'

    May 16, 2005 | Telecommunications | The Wall Street Journal

    In all the clamor over the telecom industry's recent deals — with $100 billion committed so far — few have paid note to a more fundamental sort of telecom merger: the long-anticipated convergence of voice and data networks.

  • Making good on telecom convergence

    January 20, 2005 | Telecommunications | The Financial Times

    Having survived near-death experiences, the industry's onetime biggest players, such as AT&T and MCI, are among the first to plunge ahead toward the switchover. They have good reason.

  • The Integration Challenge: Making the most of technology mergers

    December 14, 2003 | Technology | Bain Brief

    As consolidation pressures rise in technology and telecommunications, companies in these sectors are returning to the M&A market. But several studies have shown that the majority of mergers fail to create significant shareholder value.

  • Measuring What Matters In Telecoms

    December 02, 2003 | Telecommunications |

    Many telecommunications executives still believe that more information is always better. One telephone company CEO recently ended up with no fewer than 6,000 metrics he could use to diagnose the state of the business.

  • Why it matters to measure what matters

    September 15, 2003 | Telecommunications | The Financial Times

    The massive reports that land on telco chief executives' desks each month should be replaced by a Vital 20 list of metrics that can really aid decision-making.

  • The Challenge of Cutting Costs

    April 30, 2003 | Telecommunications |

    For most managers, cost discipline holds as much appeal as a cold shower. The prevailing attitude is that costs must be cut from time to time. Usually, the gruelling work of taking out costs is a periodic program rather than an ongoing way of life.

  • The Right Way to Cut Costs

    March 27, 2003 | Telecommunications | Results Brief

    For most managers, cost discipline holds as much appeal as a cold shower. The prevailing attitude, even in harsh economic conditions, is that costs must be cut from time to time.