Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

International Women's Day

International Women's Day

Bain & Company celebrates International Women's Day by reaffirming its commitment to further accelerate gender diversity efforts throughout the year

On this International Women’s Day, Bain & Company celebrates the accomplishments of our extraordinary female professionals and reaffirms its commitment to further accelerate gender equality every day of the year. 

Numerous studies have proven that organizations with greater diversity, as well a more inclusive culture, have better business outcomes.  The best solution to a complex problem comes from bringing together a diverse set of experiences, perspectives, backgrounds, and styles - and knowing how to take full advantage of this diversity.  For these reasons, diversity and inclusion are key to building extraordinary teams that deliver unparalleled results for our clients.

As part of our overall mission to be the best place for talent globally, Bain & Company has made significant investments in hiring the world's most talented female business leaders and helping each one thrive professionally and personally in their careers.  We’re proud to say that we’ve doubled the number of women on our leadership team in the past four years by focusing on gender diversity at every level of the firm.

Through our Global Women’s Leadership Council and Women at Bain (WAB) affinity group, Bain & Company invests in both building diversity and creating an inclusive culture.  WAB ensures women are equipped to achieve their full potential here and emerge as leaders—thought leaders, inspirational leaders and firm leaders—through local WAB networks as well as through global efforts, managed by the Global Women's Leadership Council.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Sponsorship and Mentorship. As women at Bain & Company develop and aspire to senior positions, the firm supports their professional ambitions and thriving journey through sponsorship and mentorship. Bain & Company has learned from its extensive research on gender parity that women are less likely than men to cultivate formal sponsors.  For that reason, the firm ensures that every female employee around the globe has a network of formal and informal mentors, and has established a formal sponsorship program for senior women.
  • Flexible Career Path Options.  Bain & Company’s research suggests that women more often face the challenge of balancing intense dual-career relationships and primary caregiver roles.  In addition to creating opportunities to work flexibly in an individual’s existing role, Bain & Company offers various career path options to support individuals – men and women – who need a different level of flexibility or a new role. For example, client-facing individuals can move into an internal role on a short- or long-term basis where they are still using their expertise.  By innovating in these new career paths, individuals are able to continue to develop professionally, allowing them to succeed at Bain & Company in the way that works best for them.
  • Extended Parental Leave. Bain & Company offers an industry-leading parental leave policy.  The firm no longer distinguishes between primary and secondary caregivers.  Instead, it recognizes the growth of dual career couples among its staff and the many ways that families work together to parent. The policy involves eight weeks of paid parental leave for all parents, including adoptions – regardless of gender or caregiver role – as well as an additional eight weeks of paid leave for birth mothers. By providing this extended time off, Bain & Company hopes to enable parents to thrive in their personal lives by offering more time for them to transition into the growth of their family and to come back better prepared to pursue their professional goals.

We also invest heavily outside the firm with organizations such asG(irls)20, which is fostering the development of young women in the global workforce to spur greater economic growth, political stability and social innovation.

Today and every day, Bain & Company is proud of the inspiring women at our firm – from those driving client results, to those leading our key functions and capabilities in pursuit of our client mission, and those fostering community every day in their office or role around the globe. 

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