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Careers at Bain

Careers at Bain

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Careers at Bain

Picture yourself at one of the world's best places to work, surrounded by teams and people who challenge you, support you, and inspire you to be extraordinary.

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Keith Bevans, partner and global head of consultant recruiting, dives deeper into the stories of some extraordinary Bain people, from their perspectives.

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Life at Bain

Life at Bain

What makes us number one on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work? A little bit of everything, really.

We believe our home office model achieves the best results for our people, culture and clients.

Our home staffing model creates personal champions and expansive opportunities.

Let’s start with your home team. You’ll work with office colleagues on multiple cases, allowing you to develop close relationships with peers and case leaders you can turn to throughout your career. You’ll also have a home office program manager, a personal advocate who works to make sure your experience at Bain aligns with your personal and professional goals.

Your opportunities extend far beyond your home office, though. You’ll team with offices across markets on cases that expose you to diverse skillsets and thinking, an important aspect of your career growth and development. And every 18-24 months, you’ll attend a global training session where you’ll learn from our worldwide managers and partners, and share perspectives with colleagues from 65 offices worldwide.

With a strong support system, global experience and opportunities to work with diverse teams, you’ll develop broad expertise that helps you prepare for what’s next, wherever that takes you.

We hold an annual summit for our BABS and LATBA affinity groups. Check out some highlights from the 2019 summit in Atlanta.

We never let one another fail.

It’s a simple motto, but one we live by every day. You’ll be surrounded by people who challenge, support and inspire you—personally and professionally.

Our commitment to diversity, inclusion and collaboration is key to building extraordinary teams. We hire people with exceptional talents, abilities and potential, then create an environment where you can bring your whole self to work.

If you can challenge yourself to be exceptional, and champion that spirit in others, you’ll fit right in.


Industry leaders and disruptors come to us to solve industry-defining challenges.

We work with bold clients who want to define the future, not hide from it.

We solve transformative challenges by working alongside our clients as one team with a shared ambition—help them outperform their competition and redefine their industries. But you won’t do it alone. You’ll work on integrated teams and collaborate with a network of digital innovators to deliver better, faster and more enduring results.

At the same time, the scope, scale and diversity of our cases will help accelerate your career. You’ll develop broad expertise across industries and business challenges, allowing you to explore different areas of interest to pursue as you advance.

Your experiences early in your career will help you navigate evolving challenges and prepare you for the extraordinary opportunities ahead.

Consultants from around the world come to Dubai for Experienced Consultant Training.

We offer comprehensive, individualised training to ensure you have the tools you need to succeed at Bain and beyond.  You will attend a global training session every 18-24 months, where you'll be trained with your peers by current Bain managers and partners, who know the skills you need to succeed. These sessions are held in various global locations, from Hong Kong to Los Angeles to Rome and beyond.

At a global session you won't sit in lecture halls—you'll learn in small groups with an enjoyable mix of presentations, exercises, role-playing and experience sharing. Participants work in teams comprised of peers from around the world, and are led by trainers from multiple global Bain offices. Our trainers aren't outsourced from other companies. In fact, we're recognised as the best in the industry at formal and informal training.

Regular ongoing training is important too, which is why we invest in comprehensive ongoing in-office training, digital learning tools, as well as on-the-job learning.

The founders of Birchbox, Pencils of Promise, Warby Parker, Riot Games and Milli Millu talk about their Bain experiences. 

Your priorities can shift as your life changes. At every point, we want to make sure you have what you need for a long, productive and fulfilling career with us.

A few of the programs we offer to give you added flexibility and options:

Externships: Four to six-month externships at an organization of your choice related to your professional goals

Global transfers: Temporary and permanent relocation opportunities to work in other offices around the world

Parental leave: Generous parental leave coverage in every region for your most important transition

"Take Two": Extended breaks that allow eligible Bainies to take two months off to rejuvenate and/or fulfill personal goals

Leaves of absence: Longer sabbaticals and leaves of absence for times when life pulls you in different directions

Flextime: Part-time and job-sharing options for times when family or personal needs take priority

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Bold Thinking. Extraordinary Outcomes.

Bold Thinking. Extraordinary Outcomes.

See how we’ve helped ambitious change-makers define the future.

Global food company finds the recipe for success

In just a few months, we helped a food company pull itself out of the red and into the black after years of slumping sales and vanishing market share.

The turnaround recipe blended a renewed commitment to core and hero brands with comprehensive, cross-functional brand planning.

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A carmaker looks to drive its profits upward 

A carmaker enlisted our help to develop and roll out a new strategy for building and stocking its vehicles.

The strategy seemed simple—transform the client's production model from supply-push to a long-term strategy that crossed functional and value chain borders.

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Helping a telecommunications giant signal change

As intense competition and digital media innovations redefine the industry landscape, one of Asia-Pacific’s largest telecommunications companies needed our help.

We worked with TelecomCo to design and implement a bold multichannel strategy for sustained growth that repositions the company as a nimble market leader.

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