Andrew Grosshans


Los Angeles

Biografie Andrew

Andrew Grosshans is a member of our Merger and Acquisitions and Retail practices.

Within M&A, his focus is primarily on post-merger integration work, involving everything from leading the Integration Management Office, overseeing cultural integration and the required change management, driving operating model design and execution, and accelerating revenue synergy realization. Andrew is also the leader of our Merger Integration Revenue Synergy Solution, focused on driving realization of revenue synergies from Day 1. Additionally, Andrew helps oversee the development of our annual M&A report.

Within Retail, Andrew primarily spends his time advising some of the nation’s largest restaurant companies, focusing on Strategy and Transformation.

Beyond his client work, Andrew is the Chair of the Senior Associate Consultant/Consultant Promotion Committee for our San Francisco office, reflecting his passion for the continued development and training of our people.

Andrew joined Bain following his undergraduate studies at the University of California, Berkeley and later earned his MBA from Columbia University.

In his personal time, Andrew is an avid golfer and impassioned Green Bay Packers fan, often finding himself disappointed during the playoffs.

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