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Associate Consultant, Madrid

Biografie Candela

Hello, my name is Candela. I'm an associate consultant (AC) in Bain's Madrid office. The beauty of beginning your career as an AC at Bain is the idea of starting off as a generalist. You are expected to learn on the job and leverage all of Bain's resources.

Since joining Bain, I have mostly worked with the Private Equity Group in commercial due diligences within various industries, and I can say it has been both enriching and fun. These cases tend to be challenging because there is a lot to learn within a small time frame.

My favorite case was a diligence for a player closely related to the metals industry. We had the opportunity to study a few European countries and other international markets, where there were issues of asymmetric information and language barriers, and it was amazing how we collaborated with consultants from other offices to understand these markets.

What has truly surprised me about Bain is its focus on developing its people. We travel the world for training sessions with colleagues from international offices, and we have regular trainings in our local offices to keep developing our skill sets. We also get to travel for specific cases or on transfers to other offices. Transfers give you the chance to try a new lifestyle and new ways of working, plus the opportunity to meet amazing colleagues. This focus on personal and professional development is outstanding and definitely one of the things I appreciate the most about Bain.

If you're considering a career at Bain, my advice would be to enjoy the process. Figure out why you want to do consulting, and why Bain in particular. Is it our people, our culture and philosophy, or the projects we work on? The recruiting process is a wonderful opportunity to get to know yourself better, and we welcome strong, confident candidates who are passionate about joining Bain!