Yusuke Miyazawa

Associate Partner,

Biografie Yusuke

Yusuke graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Tokyo University, and after working several years with Sony to gain research & development experience, he spent three years at Bain. He then joined a venture capital firm focused on fundraising and investment strategy, then rejoined Bain. Yusuke has a variety of project experience across sectors including technology and finance.

"Undying passion for results"

Bain consultants constantly strive for results. This applies to various aspects of our work, such as the way we engage with clients and our strong focus on professional development.

At Bain, everyone --from associates to partners-- is required to think in depth about what the client’s real issues are. During my interview process with Bain, my interviewer shared his experience at Bain with an emphasis on what the most critical priorities for his client were, and how he successfully arrived at the right solution working with the client, as opposed to simply recounting “what project for which client”. I interviewed with several consulting firms but was drawn to this unique experience that set Bain apart from other firms. Once I joined Bain, I was immediately expected to bring a well-reasoned opinion to the project. It is important to think about and develop what you believe, then be able to state it clearly to your audience, whether it be a client or a partner.

Bain places a strong emphasis on developing professional consultants who are capable of considering all aspects of a situation to successfully drive projects. Because Bain is committed to talent development, our consultants and managers hold various training sessions, including onboarding training for new joiners, held at the Tokyo office, and the global training programs. There are even training programs for trainers, such as the three-day Train-the-Trainer session held prior to global training. At global training, trainers review feedback provided by their trainees on a daily basis to utilize for improving training materials and exercises for the next day.

Various support programs are available at Bain in addition to trainings. For example, new joiners are assigned a Colleague (someone close in age who helps you to better understand Bain’s projects, systems, and programs) and a Professional Development Advisor (a consultant who provides advice on your long-term career plan and development as a professional). Further, Bain’s culture that encourages people to support others’ growth is deeply embedded in the organization. When I decided to leave Bain several years ago, the Office Head was willing to share his extended knowledge of the industry related to the company I was moving to and continued to support me after I left via regular check-ins. Bain’s great culture was the one of the factors that brought me back here.

For those who wish to build a career as a consultant or those who want to leverage skills gained in consulting in other fields, Bain provides world-class support to individuals as long as they are passionate about results.