Marco Di Luca

General Manager, Baincubator, Rome

Biografie Marco

Marco Di Luca is the general manager of our proprietary Corporate Incubator, the Baincubator. 

He leads our firmwide thought leadership surrounding SaaS-based new business development, as well as leveraging software as a consulting mechanism.

His recent work has involved SaaS-based disruptive solutions development in areas such as transformation, martech, people analytics and private equity, as well as open innovation ecosystem developments for large corporates and financial institutions across EMEA.

He previously spent nearly a decade with another top consulting firm.

Marco holds an MBA from the Politecnico di Milano School of Management.

Apart from work, he is a member of both Mensa and Mentors 4U, as well as a staunch tennis enthusiast. Marco enjoys spending time with his wife, Elena, daughter, Beatrice, and his beloved dachshund Priscilla.

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