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Senior Manager, Supply Chain Analytics, London

Sobre Agata

Hi, my name is Agata. I’m a senior supply chain manager within Advanced Analytics in Bain's London office.

What appealed to me during the interview process was that I met very interesting and intelligent people with similar interests to mine. We discussed typical problems I would work on. This gave me a very good impression of what my day-to-day work would look like. The interviews themselves felt very comfortable and pleasant; it was more of a discussion, with two people trying to resolve a problem, and less of an interview or in-depth questioning process. Finally, everyone was really welcoming and friendly. And my conclusion was “Yes, I would love to work with these people.”

The best part of the job is the diversity of problems and assignments we get to work on.

"In my position, I am not only exposed to supply chain problems, I am also engaged in other discussions that can make use of my technical skills."

We never stop learning, and this is what I find exciting and energizing.

What makes Bain different is the people. I get to work with incredible, passionate, intelligent and kind colleagues. Everyone is extremely cooperative and knowledgeable. I can always count on the Bain team. In this type of setting, it's easy to solve even the most difficult problems.