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Associate Consultant, Boston

Sobre Lauren

I'm Lauren, an associate consultant (AC) in Boston. Before this I was an associate consultant intern (ACI) for three months after my junior summer.

I was really interested in consulting because I want to do something in the corporate social responsibility space in the long term. In order to be in the C-suite at a corporation working on sustainability issues, I thought I needed a broad understanding of how businesses work, what sort of problems they face and how you solve those problems.

"I interviewed at other firms, but I felt like there was a real sense of community in Bain's Boston office because you're staffed on cases with the same people that are here in the office with you."

I just finished six months in the Private Equity Group, which has been really interesting because I've done diligence work on a lot of industries that I didn't even know existed. It's sort of fascinating to talk to the experts in these industries and really delve into what makes them tick. There are so many problems that companies are working to solve on a day-to-day basis, and it's really exciting to get to help with those problems!