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Access to APAC

Access to APAC

We are thrilled to offer Access to APAC, a three-week advanced degree program designed to give graduate students, post-doctorates and medical residents exclusive access to work with our teams in the Asia-Pacific and Australian regions (APAC).

Program Overview

Program Overview

Access to APAC is a three-week training and mentorship program designed for advanced degree candidates that are seeking insight into life at Bain and a career in consulting from our Asia-Pacific and Australian offices (APAC).

​Our hybrid-model program includes weeks of small group events, one-on-one sessions with members of our leadership team, interactive training, and built-in mentorship that will help to deepen your understanding of our work and life as a consultant.

Candidates that are selected to participate in Access to APAC will also receive early consideration and interviews for our full-time consultant positions.

Program Information

Program Information

Access to APAC will be offered by the following Bain offices in May 2023:

  • Australia (Melbourne, Perth, Sydney)
  • Greater China (Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai)
  • Seoul
  • Southeast Asia (Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Singapore)
  • Tokyo

Who can apply:​

​Access to APAC is intended for candidates that are currently enrolled in an advanced degree program or who have recently graduated (1 – 3 years prior) with an advanced degree. ​

​Eligible degree programs include:

  • PhDs and post-doctorates
  • JDs
  • MDs and medical residents/fellows
  • PharmDs and other doctorate-level degrees
  • Non-MBA master’s with > 3 years of relevant, prior business experience after completing a Bachelor’s degree


Interviews are required in order to be considered for our Access to APAC program. Candidates should prepare for a traditional case interview as well as be ready to answer a few experience questions about themselves and why they’re interested in consulting and the program.


Candidates that have been selected to interview will be notified via email by the end of March. Zoom interviews will take place in mid-April. 

Interview prep resources:​

Application deadline:

The deadline to apply for our 2023 Access to APAC program is Wednesday, March 1, 2023 at 11:59 pm PST.  

Candidates should apply as soon as they are ready. Submitting an early application helps indicate your office preferences and considers you for invite-only, office-level connections and events.

Application requirements:​

  • A 1-2-page business-format resume
  • A 1 page cover letter outlining your interest in Bain and consulting
  • Recent test scores (GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, etc.), if applicable
  • Bain office(s) of interest 
  • Working rights for your office(s) of interest
  • Language proficiency (office dependent)

Application insights:

You will be able to select up to three Bain offices where you’d like to participate in the program. Interest levels will need to be allocated by 100 percentage points across your office(s) of choice. The office(s) you select will become the office(s) that consider you for the Access to APAC program and a potential full-time consultant offer following the program.

Please keep in mind that successful participants will receive a full-time consultant offer from the office where they completed the program. For this reason, apply only to office(s) where you would happily accept a full-time offer and for which you either hold working rights or are eligible for visa sponsorship.

For more information on selecting office preferences, please visit our FAQs section.

What makes an applicant standout:

  • ​Outstanding academic performance​
  • Energized by solving tough problems and driving real impact​
  • Demonstrated interest in business and/or consulting​
  • Strong leadership and team skills​


  • What is the format of Access to APAC in 2023?

    Access to APAC is a virtual program, with opportunities for in-person connectivity where participants are located close to Bain offices.  Bain is very confident in our ability to deliver engaging and supportive virtual program experiencing, taking advantage of technology and tools, as we all virtual working best practices that we’ve mastered over the past few years. 

  • How should I consider Bain office locations when applying to Access to APAC?

    Our Access to APAC program is only available in select Asia-Pacific and Australian offices. Please review the “Participating offices & timeframe” tab for the complete list of our participating offices before submitting your application. Only these offices will be reviewing applications.

    When selecting office preferences in your application, please keep in mind that our successful participants will receive a full-time consultant offer in the office where they completed their program. For this reason, we ask that you apply only to office(s) where you would happily accept a full-time Bain offer (i.e. apply to office(s) where you want to live and work), and for which you either hold working rights or are eligible for visa sponsorship.

    If you’re not familiar with Bain’s global office locations, you may click here to learn more.​

  • I am interested in a Bain office that is not offering Access. Will Bain consider me for the program?

    If your top office preference(s) is not hosting the Access to APAC program, you may instead be interested in our ADvantage program, run by select North American offices.

    However if your preferred office(s) are not offering either program, then we would instead recommend applying during our full-time consultant recruitment process later in the year for the office(s) that you’re interested in.​

    Please note: Transfer requests to join a different office than where you completed your Access to APAC or ADvantage program will not be available.​

  • If I applied for the 1-week ADvantage internship, can I also apply for the Access program?

    No, please apply for either the ADvantage internship or the Access to APAC program only. Please consider carefully before applying whether you’re interested in our North American or Asia-Pacific and Australian offices for full-time employment after completing your degree.

  • If I applied or interviewed for Access to APAC and was not selected for the program, can I still apply and be considered during the full-time recruitment process later in the summer?

    Yes! A failed application and/or interview for Access to APAC will not affect your candidacy during our full-time recruitment process; these are entirely separate review processes. Bain reconsiders all Access to APAC applicants and interviewees during our full-time application review. Sometimes, those extra few months of case prep and conversations make all the difference!

  • How soon will I be notified about the status of my application? Is this a rolling application process?

    Applications are not rolling. We will not begin our final selection process until all applications have been received and the application deadline has passed. 

    Applicants can expect an email with the outcome of their application by late March.

  • When in my academic career should I apply to Access to APAC?

    Ideally, candidates that are currently pursuing an advanced degree will apply to Access to APAC in the penultimate year of their degree program (i.e. they will apply the year prior to their expected graduation/completion date). Candidates should be targeting a full-time career starting the following calendar year.

    Some offices may have flexibility for Access to APAC participants to start full-time in the same calendar year as when they complete their program, so candidates that are looking for more immediate start date options are still encouraged to apply to Access to APAC. Start date options in that office can be discussed prior to interviews for the program.

  • What are the language proficiency requirements for my chosen Bain office(s)?

    Greater China – Mandarin (fluent), Cantonese (optional)

    Seoul - Korean

    Southeast Asia - Mandarin Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Indonesia (all optional)

    Tokyo - Japanese (fluent, JLPT N1)

    APAC offices not listed above only require proficiency in English.

  • I don’t have working rights or I need visa sponsorship, am I eligible for this program?

    In order to be eligible for Access to APAC, you must already hold working rights for your chosen office(s) or qualify for visa sponsorship.

    Make sure to research the visa / work authorisation requirements of any offices you’re interested in before applying. For more information on each office’s requirement, select the relevant office at the bottom of the consultant page.

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