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Meet Us

Advanced Degree Events & Summer Programs

Advanced Degree Events & Summer Programs

Join us for events held exclusively for PhDs, JDs, MDs, postdocs, and medical residents interested in consulting.  

Come Join Us for the Summer

Come Join Us for the Summer

A career at Bain offers the opportunity to make world-changing impact, to join an unparalleled supportive culture, and to open doors to unlimited future career options - come see for yourself why we are consistently recognized as a best place to work and a great next step in your career!

Our Programs

Our Programs


Introducing Bain's ADvantage internship, a highly selective, one-week program designed exclusively for Advanced Degree candidates seeking an immersion into life at Bain and a career in consulting. The program includes a full day of training followed by four days of a staffing assignment on a real Bain case team. ADvantage interns will participate in our client work, manage their own work stream, and attend a variety of social activities that will provide several opportunities to meet the members of our team and experience our rich and unique culture.


New on the job search or recently considering a career in consulting? Please join us for an introductory session where we’ll introduce Bain & Company, the consulting industry more broadly, and the application and interview process for those interested in pursuing a career with Bain. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Application process

  • How do I apply for AIC and/or ADvantage and what is the timeline for selection?

    The ADvantage and AIC programs have a joint online application, which will be available from March 1 – April 5, 2019. In this application, you will have the chance to select all programs for which you would like to be considered (ADvantage, AIC, or both) but please note that candidates will only be selected for one program. Given the competitive nature of this application process, we highly recommend applying to both programs if they both interest you.

    Candidates will receive a decision on their application between mid-April and late May.

  • How should I consider program location when applying to ADvantage and/or AIC?

    ADvantage: We encourage candidates to apply to the program(s) in offices where they would happily accept a full-time Bain offer (i.e. you are not required to apply to your local program and you should apply to the program(s) in offices that you want to work full-time). In the application, you will have the chance to confirm your office preference(s) for full-time employment, and we will ask for those offices in ranked order so we can consider those preferences when matching you to a program.

    If your primary office preference(s) for full-time work are not hosting an ADvantage program this year, that is okay, and we will still consider your application. In that case, please apply to the program that will be nearest your geographic location, or to a program for which you are available; you will have the chance to explain this selection in your application.


    AIC: We encourage candidates to apply to the program closest to their planned geographic location, given this is a regional program and the content in each session will be identical. If you are not available for your local program, please apply to the next closest program and explain this selection in your application.

  • I am interested in non-US Bain offices for full-time employment. How will Bain consider my candidacy?

    Bain’s advanced degree spring and summer programs are hosted by North American offices on behalf of all global Bain offices, and we strongly encourage candidates that are interested in non-US Bain offices to submit an application for our programming so we can get to know one another this spring/summer, in advance of the full-time interview process. 

Selection process and logistics

  • If Bain has not selected me for a summer program, can I still apply for full-time roles?

    Yes and we strongly encourage that you do. The summer program and full-time application review process are completely independent from one another, so one application will not affect the other, and we look forward to getting to know more candidates during our full-time recruiting process.

  • Do I need to apply for full-time roles in the same office where I am participating in AIC?

    No, AIC is a regional program so you will likely participate in the program closest to your school/program but you are not required to apply to that office for full-time work. Please note a separate application is required for our full-time process later in the summer (apply by July 12th) and in that application, you will have the chance to reconfirm your office preferences for full-time employment.

  • Are there interviews for Bain’s summer programs?

    ADvantage: Candidates selected for a potential spot in our ADvantage internship programs will be invited to interview throughout late April - early June (dates vary depending on the program). Candidates should prepare for two, forty-minute traditional case interviews in this process. Candidates that are not successful in securing the internship will still have the opportunity to reapply and interview during our full-time Consultant process later in the summer.


    AIC: There are no interviews for our AIC programs - just a successful, on time application.


  • What expenses will Bain cover if I am not a local candidate?

    Candidates invited to participate in our ADvantage and AIC programs that are not local to the hosting office will have all expenses covered by Bain (transportation and lodging, meals and social activities).