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Core Growth

Your core business is responsible for most of your company’s success to date, and it could—and should—propel future growth as well. But only 10% of companies maintain  profitable growth for a decade or more. Bain Core Growth helps you build and reinforce a repeatable model based on your greatest strengths. Discover how to create a stable platform for expansion and achieve that rarest of feats: sustained, profitable growth.

Why Bain

Why Bain

  • We help you out-innovate the competition with our unmatched expertise in understanding customers and what they value most, by designing customer propositions—particularly customer experiences—that meet their needs, and building customer loyalty with our Net Promoter System®.
  • Informed by our provocative Bain Beliefs on Strategy, our approach to core growth strategy builds on our expertise in Business Unit Strategy.
  • We offer supporting capabilities that help drive strategy to fruition, including advanced analytics, Profit Cube, Capability Spotlight, BothBrain® Innovation, and our unique Micro-battles System, so you can quickly embrace test-and-learn methodologies and make the no-regret moves that accelerate growth.
  • From our 2001 business classic Profit from the Core to our recent pioneering research on the Elements of Value®, we have continuously defined and clarified how companies can sustain market-leading growth by focusing their core strategy on what customers really want.

Results You Can Expect

Results You Can Expect

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